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Editor tab/window to show placed omponents

 This suggestion will work to solve many other problems and cover for other requests made here in the forum. I'll explain in details.

Make another tab/window to show the list of the placed components . Let's call it a "Components list".

It is similar to the "list of pages" window you already have and you can re-use the same code. The only difference is that the list of components shows all the components placed on the page currently active in Editor. Click on another page - Components list will change to those components of that page.

Click on a single component in this list and it come up to foreground (even if it was covered up by another component and was not visible before), and also this component shows it's attributes in the attributes window which you already have.

As you can see one bad problem gets already solved - if a component covered up by another component making it invisible, choosing this component in "Component list" window will reveal it to the top and makes attributes available for editing!

The new "Components list" window should be located on the right side below "Pages" window and above "Attributes" window - this is intuitively obvious without explanation. All the resizing window operation should apply here just the same as it is done already for the border moving between attributes window and pages window.

It is very easy as you re-use (reshuffle) the same code you use for "pages" window but here this same code is used for components.

Now you can easily make moving components between layers (kind of layering technique). Dragging a component with mouse to the top will bring this component to the top (upper layer). Dragging it to the bottom will bring it to background. This will easily satisfy the requests done by other people. Every time a component moved up or down, you change it's position in the list and refresh the screen -moving components to the front or to the background accordingly to their location in the list!

The configured "layered" position of the components will be the default position for a given page at the startup.

If implemented, this will work very nicely with another feature - changing layers of components in runtime by MCU - but this I will explain in another request.

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I agree - this needs to be done :)


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I am now reviewing all of the Feature Requests, this will take some time, patience please.

This was implemented in a different manner

Components are selectable (albeit one at a time) regardless of layer in dropdown above attributes pane.

And can be adjusted via Bring Top and Bring Bottom arrows on the toolbar.

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