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Using Atmel studio 7 and a Gboard Pro (Red board)


I am using a Gboard Pro Arduino board with sim900 GPS/GPRS module and Xbee socket to take various analogue measurement. I got the Foca; the foca is a usb to serial UART board that i connected to the Gboard pro in order to communicate with the computer. i have attached the data sheet for both the foca and the Gboard.

I managed to do most of what I wanted to do using the Arduino IDE, but I would like to use interrupts and was advised to use AVR studio. I managed to download and install Atmel studio 7 but have no idea if the FOCA will do the job or on how to start/setup. I tried importing the Arduino blinking LED example to Atmel studio 7 but I am clueless. If someone has used this board with Atmel studio 7 please help?

Any form of help is highly appreciated.



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