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Drawing priorities of objects


Nextion is the next generation HMI for most of the embedded projects. I believe that it will have a shiny future even it is in a early stages of development now.

My question is about drawing priorities of objects when we switch to a new page.

For example I made a project with 6 pages. In page 2 there is a large still picture which does not make busy the nextion hardware. In the next page (page 3) there are 8 buttons and some labels. As soon as I switch the page from 2 to 3 I see one of the buttons appear on page 2 for a short period of time. And somehow nextion keeps it while drawing page 3. The most important detail you should know that I have 6 timers for 6 pages. All of them starts several hundred milliseconds after the page displays. And in the timer subs I send 4 bytes of data to host continously. I think this operation causes the Nextion to work improper. Because 1 object -a certain one in the next page- (maybe the 1st. one in the drawing order) displays momentary on the actual page before switching to next one. Does it make sense? Do you know why this happens? And is there a way to prevent this?

V033 solve this issue. 

I am now reviewing all of the Feature Requests, this will take some time, patience please.

This was implemented following the compid as priority - lowest first, highest last.

Arrows on Toolbar Bring Top (set id=1) and Bring Bottom (set id=last) to change order.

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