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Use Images for gauges

 I love that we can use custom images for sliders and progress bars. I think it would be great if we could also do the same with gauges. I would like to see two options:

Option 1:

Use an image to represent the "needle" that rotates around a central pivot (much like the solid line does now). This, however, would likely require support for transparency.

Option 2:

Rotate an image around the images centre.

Also, it would be nice if we could configure a background image, similar to sliders and progress bars. instead of just a crop image.

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I vote for rotating of images

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I'd like to see both options implemented.


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I would like to see both of these options as well.

Great would be if we can define the center on which it rotates think of like hour handles on a clock.

I vote for rotating of images too

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that would be awesome  the current needle looks a bit dinky


Additionally, i would like to see transitional steps.. not just jumping from one value to the next

It is fairly easy to program your mcu to incrementally change the gauge

set d to value returned by get z0.val
set i to the gauge new value
while d < i {
send z0.val = x+5
send delay(50)

If you custom gauge is a series of pictures for better quality gauge, have pictures of the increment (say 5)
set d to value returned by get z0.val
set i to the gauge new value
for x = d to i {
send p0.pic=x
send delay(50)

This can be implemented via your code and doesn't require Itead to code it for you

I am now reviewing all of the Feature Requests, this will take some time, patience please.

Rotating images - carried forward

Gauge background pic - carried forward

Gauge customer needles - carried forward

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If i might add a suggestion about gauges, would be to allow the gauges frame to be partially placed outside the screen frame at least up to the middle point. It would make sense for some designs..

Thank you Maoartland,

It has already been previously suggested and is on our list of feature requests being considered in the next round - prioritizing the feature requests received.

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We also need a customer needle, rotating image would probably work.

Many gauge examples are already posted.

This is accomplished by user code.

Including custom needles and rotating images.

This will most likely not be a firmware feature.

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