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“Bar” type gauge with max value be set over 100 & slider lockable

I need a “bar” type gauge which is not an option among Nextion gause components. I am trying to use this progress bar in place of such a gauge. It would be nice if the value of the progress bar was not limited to 100 max. This was kind a surprise to find out that anything above 100 value is ignored (internal error I guess). Why not allow user to set max value just as you do for a slider? Then this progress bar would be wonderful “bar’ type gauge… Also your slider could be used as a “bar” gauge if only sliding action could be locked (disable) so that a gauge to be controlled only from MCU. Again, thank you for a very useful product 

just add a tsw XX,0 inside your slider initialization section, where XX is the objectname of your slider ... When using Crop Image as style, you can do amazing things G.

Sure, why not. But be aware, I am neither Itead-BetaTester nor Itead-Developer, nor do I like to do Itead-Engineers jobs.
In the past, Itead showed a lot, that they are not really interested in user communities feedback and work. They even decide, that marketing issues are more important than real improvements of their products. For a hobby-user target this is maybe ok, but it is a nogo for any professional usage.



I am now reviewing all of the Feature Requests, this will take some time, patience please.

Slider or Bar component exist, just need user code to complete.

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