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have got red screen with SYS ERROR on screen.

This was after loading a data from SD card an error came up after the card read and now all can get is the error.

Is there a way to factory set the unit?


Laury Gordyn

Have located the problem, must match the screen size of the unit.

Also the Nextion Editor V0.32 requires the XSTR string to be in "CHINA" .

All is working fine. 

 What do you exactly mean with 'Nextion Editor V0.32 requires the XSTR string to be in "CHINA"' ???


Maybe I wasn't clear,

in the instruction for the xstr function it has:"xstr 0,0,100,30,1,RED,BLACK,1,1,1, China" this worked when I got the unit in the mail, after using the V0.32 editor it now needs to be;"xstr 0,0,100,30,1,RED,BLACK,1,1,1, "China""

before the string is actually placed on the screen.

There is a comment about it on the forum, that's is how I picked it up.

Hope it is clearer.

LCD going very well.


Laury Gordyn

ahhhh, that, yp, that's definitely a missing part inside the doc. The xstr always needs the string surrounded by quotation marks ... but not only since 0.32, more early versions had this issue too ... maybe more early versions have been more forgiving ... but as far as I test, all versions work with quotation marks around a string ...



Regarding the initial question to reset back to factory

1) Locate the demo hmi for your model size in Nextion HMI Solution

2) Compile on settings specific for your model

3) ensure the tft file from the Build Folder is being placed on clean formatted microSD card

4) insert microSD into the Nextion Device.  Cycle power

5) When upload is "Successed!", remove microSD and cycle power.

This will have the Nextion device as it was shipped from the factory.

For clarification, the xstr error was caused by the space existing between the final comma and the quote mark.

xstr 0,0,100,30,1,RED,BLACK,1,1,1,"China"  // written correctly.

the only space accepted in the xstr command is the one immediately following xstr unless inside the quotes

the remaining parameters will have no spacing.

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