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Dusk and Down control


A nice feature would be dusk/down on/off functionality.

Preferably with an configurable offset (with or without randomization).

Would be perfect for all outside illumination

Kind regards

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This is a good idea. Maybe it works with the Sonoff TH. Sonoff TH comes with an external temperature sensor. But for the sonoff it makes no difference if this is the temperature or the brightness from a light sensor.

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I had 3 Metal Halide lights on the outside of a building that were tucked so deep under the roof eaves that the dusk to dawn photocells never worked right.  I removed the 3 wire photocells and replaced them with sonoff basic switches.  I sealed the switches from moisture/insects and put them about 6 inches away from the hot lights.  They work great!  Now I really need the dusk to dawn function.  Other apps I use have this feature so I encourage ITEAD to implement it.  The Sonoff Basic makes a nice replacement for a photocontrol but lacks a critical programming method.

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One can run a Google Script, that can determine sunrise and sunset times, then send an email. But it's not yet possible to trigger the Sonoff device, but it would be possible if ITEAD intergrated with IFTTT. I hope that functionality will come.

If we had a digital input available on gpio14 a cheap digital light sensor module could be used as a master photocell on Sonoff to control a scene.  The modules are 3.3v and sell for about $1.00.

It would be fantastic if this could be added to the stock firmware.

gpio14 high to low turn relay on

gpio14 low to high turn relay off


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