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I have burnt my display :-(

Hello everyone!

I have problem. I dont know how it happened but I have connected display with wrong polarity :-(

At least two components have been burnt - "C5" capacitor and unknown IC "U4" (voltage regulator?). I can't to make out IC inscription and value of capacitor. Anyone knows which are these components?

My display model is NX4827T043.

Thank you.

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Hi! I have NX4827T043-011. Capacitor is 106c, IC is IL6EN


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Just a few minutes ago, i have also burnt it. Can you solve the problem? can you find this IC or can you find the schema of the nextion?


i have solved the problem. First i remove the IL6. Then i assigned the pin5<= 8.5V and pin3<=GND. And also after the other connections were done, it worked.
But in this connections you need an external 8.5V source. I applied 12V through 43 ohm resistor, instead of 8.5V source. Now it is working fine. But this operation disables the adjustability of background brightness level.
if you follow the traces connected to pin5 and pin3 you can see that they were connected to the background led power pins (1,2 - 3,4) of display.

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Look like microchip 1L6EN (or IL6EN) is a IRF5805 transistor intended for backlight regulator. I think, more investigation around this circuit required.


it is similar to MP3202 - Monolithic Power Systems. They have also same layout out of just one resistor on pin3 to ground. (But this resistor may be important) But i dont know which company the IL6 belongs to. There are alot of sellers in international shopping sites.

datasheet of MP3202:


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I have repaired my display. Thanks all for support. IC IL06EN is really step-up converter MP3202.

I didn't find IL06EN only IL06CG but it works fine. I found that schottky diode SS14 (D1) also has been burnt. I don't have similar diode so I replaced to trivial 1N4148.


My Nextion fried the backlight too. But I can't find IL06EN or IL06CG to buy.

Is there another IC similar to those used in Nextion?

I have ordered IC from AliExpress. You may find a many versions similar IC marked as MP3202DJ (IL6EB,IL6AH etc). I don't know differences between these versions but seems you may use any IC MP3202DJ.

For example -

Thank you Oleg, I will order from aliexpress

I bought the IC MP3202DJ but i received one IN6CB (with only 5 PINS), do you know if its the same?

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No. It is not.

They might sent you the MP3202DG instead...

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