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string to number conversion

it will be very helpfel if you can add a function for converting the string to number, so when i create a keayboard with txt for display, when i try to send it to arduino via serial, i have to write a lot code, just for getting the final number, thank you

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cov t0.txt,j0.val,0 //convert the string variable of t0 txt into value and assign the variable of slider h0 val, the length is automatic



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thank you, it work, but have you any idea to hide the slider from the view? because i dont need it in the screen, the main idea it to create a keyboard and send the number in INT type to the arduino

thank you

about what are you talking? Just read the doc about the COV command, thats all you need.
The variables are just anything you define and assigne ... thats up to you ...



I am now reviewing all of the Feature Requests, this will take some time, patience please.

the cov command solves converting txt to numbers

the vis command solves hiding components from view.

Implementation of a keyboard is a lot of code regardless however it could be implemented.

But for arguments sake, it can be implemented solely on the Nextion without the need for Arduino

Programmers choice and not a Feature Request.