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Simple 20 step gauge

Might be useful to somebody.  Just a set of png files for a compact gauge. Attached to slider for preview.


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Hi Dave,
Please post HMI file.
Thanks in advance

Ok ... have attached an HMI file of gauges, sliders and number readouts.

(704 KB)

Thank you very much

 Been playing with gauges and cropping this time. 3 gauges on a 2.4" screen. The trick is to have a full screen picture of the gauges and leave a quarter screen for text etc.

Gauge gives far better resolution. three different colour gauges and matching pointers.

(179 KB)

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Hi Dave,

I'm new to the Nextion display. I have a 7" Enhanced version and I struggled for weeks trying to get it to do something and I finally started making progress.. Anyway, I was just going through the board and came across your "Simple 20 step gauge". I just posted a Demo using the same gauge images as yours. I just want you to know that I didn't rip your idea off. I had no idea that your demo was here and I created one similar to yours. See for yourself here: Gauge Demo 2  If you want I could probably take mine down.


Hi Gene, No problem at all here. We are all on a learning curve, and the more work published the better it is for all. It's always frustrating starting out, and publishing work helps everyone move forward. All the best.

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