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3D model of displays

 I appreciate ITEAD taking the time to publish 3D models of bezels for the display, however, we're designing a case that will require a much more low profile bezel than the one available.

Is it possible to get a 3D model of the display itself that we can use as a reference to design our own bezel/custom case?

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I want to design some bezels / enclosures too. (Actually 7" LCD)

The provided bezel STL file does not fit exactly to the LCD. 

STL files are good for 3D printing, but hard to measure.

I could provide STP & IGS CAD files I´ve made of the given dimensions on iTead wiki & a separate email about thickness I´ve got forwarded from Itead.

If someone got the LCD already & could check my 3D file if there are errors?

Most important, to check the "active area" of the LCD, because I found a difference between the provided bezel and the drawings with dimensions.


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Can someone at Itead share a similar size specifications for other sizes? I need to design bezels for the 2.8", 3.2" and 3.5" screens.


I appreciate the heelp Geert, however I'm not looking for the 3D models of the bezels they have already designed, I'm looking for a 3D model of the screens so that I may design my own bezel. The bezel's from the wiki don't really fit for my projects.


As already told,- I´m pretty sure: The first measurements I´ve made on the 3,5" bezel in comparison of the position of active display was NOT correct.

I don´t trust these bezels.

Updated. Both 3D model of the bezel and the display itself. 

You can download from the wiki.

Tried to open the STEP files 4,3" & 7.0"Display,-  does not work.

File size 5KB only,- please check the STEP files.

I found the same problem with the STEP files for the 2.8" display. The STL files I could open, but not the STEP files.


I also tries the 3.5" display. It also has the same problem with the STEP file.



Is there any link where I can get the drawing/dimensions of the NX3224T024 for assembly on a box??

STP is not valid, it has errors.

Thank you!

I am now reviewing all of the Feature Requests, this will take some time, patience please.

Rechecking of all the Bezel files will be escalated.

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