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Send serial data command


I have been playing with these screens for the last 5 days and they have been great.

I did find a command line on one of the many videos I have watched that was typed into the user code area that simulated a press event.

But I cannot find it again. Does anybody know what that command is?

I don't want to use "send component ID" as I am running out of memory on the Arduino due to I'm running out of variable memory. multi page menu!

I remember it had 65 00 01 01 ff ff ff in the line but I can't remember the command.

Any ideas?

Stop looking. I found it.

Rather than ticking the "send component ID" you can type printh 65 04 07 01 ff ff ff

65 is Touch Event,

04 is the page number,

07 is the ID of the Button and

01 is a press event ( 00 is a release event)

So you can use this to activate multiple events on the Arduino!

Hope this helps

The problem is the code for arduino because all the examples we have got don't work
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