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Sonoff looses Wifi connection


My Sonoff has the problem that it frequently looses the connection to "the server".

When I Power on the Sonoff it connect to "the server". After some seconds the green LED is constantly green, and the Sonoff can be switched on/off via the App.

Some time (sometimes a few minutes, sometime 15 minutes) later the the green starts blinking "fast", and the App reports the device disconnected. Waiting for a reconnection does not change tis, it stays unconnected.

I checked that the Wifi Router is working.

When I remove power from the Sonoff and power it up again, the Sonoff "boots" and after some seconds the led is constantly green again, and is accessible by the App.

In this way the Sonoff is not able, so what can I do? I guess the Sonoff should reconnect automatically, or this not implemented?


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To all those where WiFi is dropping out this is a error that has not been fixed for over two years the work around is log in to your router and switch from WPA & WPA 2 To WPA only To itead be nice to see software upware to fix this problem. Any one having trouble pairing switch you router to WPA only and they will pair fine. The only problem switching this sometimes drop out on other devices.
My sonoff switch turns on via google home but then immediately turns back off. When I use the app it turns on but again turns off immediately
I’d say you have a rule setup on scene. Also I have noticed that scene gets incorrect trigger from time to time. Recreate your scene, should be ok
I’ve got nothing set up at all.

All my switches went offline today!

Do you use any automation for this switch? IFTTT?
I suggest to remove google home setup and try again with the switch. If still acting up then it might be faulty.
Remove the switch from Ewelink and re-add again with different name


Check also the history so you will know what triggered the switch off after you turned on


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