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I´m working on a project 320x240 . The project has at all 8 pages , and all was working fine  . When i added page number 9,  i get some problems . On page 1,  i have one text component with the on touch event "page 3" . But the system is going to page 9 . If i delete page 9 , all is fine . What can it be?


Hello Udo,

check your code, which code is executed when and where ...

For example on page3 "indstilling" you have many buttons. Intentionally, they shell do something uppon button-press.
But just look at p3 "Distance to bottom" ... there you put the action "page 8" into the button initialization section ... and this brings out some strange behave ...

I didn't check all other objects, but "maybe" there are also some more hidden "accidents" ...  :-)



Hello Gehard,

Many Thanks for the fast reply.

Problem is fixed , it was a mistake by myself .

The action for "p3"  page 8 should be in the press event for the button or not in the initialization .(absolut correct, i have not seen that). 

All is working fine now .

Very cool , many thanks , this post can be closed.