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Need help programming arduino

 Hello guys,

I'm working on a project with arduino. I created a UI on nextion with some dual state buttons, and then in the code i check for the state of the button, with practicly the same code as it vas shown in the example. I am using SimpleTimer Library for working with my functions for regulation, and i have NexLoop() incuded in void loop() so i could check for touch events. Well, seems like this last thing is not working. As soon as i add some functions to run with the timer, the dual state button doesent change states...
How are you guys working with problems when you have arduino uno, and you have to multitask??? Are dual state buttons working for you, even when you work with timers?

If anyone would be so kind and check my code i wold be wery happy to send my project files over email or post it hear on forum.

Thanks for your help in advance.