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Need a chinese SD file


Does anyone have a chinese SD file for my Nextion TJC4024T032_011R

My screen stays black



Try it!

I'll give it tomorrow a try.


Monoszs how did you create this file? I'd like to get access to the editor to create my own tft files.

just install the chinese editor made for TJC branded displays ... :-)


This may sound like a stupid question but where do I get that editor. I cannot find a link anywhere for it
TCJ displays are exclusively for mainland China, means, TJC is a chinese company with focus on chinese customers. So, just have a look to their website ... there you can download ... but be aware, all is in chinese :-)




Google is your friend... ;)

or just the dealer you bought from?

- there is only a need to use the chinese version in case you bought a cheaper TJC version display

- in such a case, no dealer will sell such a display without providing at least a downloadlink for the chinese version

- in worst case, you must just ask the dealer you bought from ... :-)

But how good, with my upload-tool, there is nolonger the need for the chinese version in general, now you can just use the Nextion Editor and upload NE-TFT files to also a TJC-Display. And it works ... So, english user-interface with ceap TJC-displays ...

Ahh yes seen the post tonight about using a ttl usb2rs232 adapter. Does anyone know how I might accomplish the same thing with a raspberrypi or nodemcu device?

the source is included into the RAR ... so, just open the source file, analyze it a bit and rewrite it with any programming language for the Rpi ... the code is not that complex ...
At the beginning of that thread there is also a Python script available ... which should run directly on Rpi ...


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Hi Gerhard

I am sorry, can you help me? I am new in Arduino project and I buy from Aliexpress TJC display and I have problem with NE-TFT files. Can you help me? I have 480x320 - 3,5" LCD. :-(

best regards


??? all you need to know you can read inside this thread ??? What else do you expect ???


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