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Nextion editor for Mac

I would love to see a Mac version of the gui editor!

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I am now reviewing all of the Feature Requests, this will take some time, patience please.

Linux version is on the list, though long, long term - carried forward.

I use virtual box from Oracle on my Mac.

Works great, installed Windows XP on it and it works with the Nextion editor.

It is a lot of work to get the USB-TTL to work properly. I prefer using a USB micro SD card reader to put the *.tft file on the micro SD card and upload it to the Nextion screen.

Any news about the status for a Mac-Version of Nextion Editor?

Does it work with a windows virtual machine and forward of the USB-TTL Adapter from host to guest system to upload the project?


I'm testing one way to "run" Nextion editor on MAC from (little) 

I had installed TeamViewer software on both computers: mba MAC (OSX 10.9.5) and a tiny Intel compute Stick with Windows 10 Home edition (home edition doesn't support Microsoft remote desktop access)

TeamViewer offers a free license for non comercial uses :-)

It works perfect! faster than I imagined

Now, i can program with my MAC while Nextion display are connected to tiny stick computer :-)

A good solution for me (until Itead Studio develop a version for MAC computers)



Yes, it's based on framework .net.

Support for multi-platform is in the long long term schedule. 

Hi Pieter,
I have tested with Crossover and Wine Bottle, but Nextion Editor don'r run under these programs.
I think this is because Nextion editor is based on Framework NET.

Maybe I will tray with another emulator...

Thank you for your advices!


A Linux version would also do - or even if you can run it in Wine - then you covered both Linux and Mac

I also would like Nextion editor for Mac!!

More potentials users for you... :-)

Please, consider this kind of suggestion... Thanks!

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Is there a plan to add mac support?

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