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Arduino Uno R3 Serial Stops when Nextion Sleeps


I monitor an optic coupler using Pins A0-A2 and display the results on the NextIon screen and it works 100%.

When I add the thsp and thup line of code, then the Arduino stops communication to the NextIon Screen (the monitor stops working) when it goes in sleep mode.

When I wake up the screen, then the monitor starts up again. How can I prevent this from happening?

Any suggestions will be appreciated.

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I have removed:

"thsp=120"  //If no touch operation, it automatically enters into sleep time after 120 sec

"thup=1"     //Touch in sleep mode will auto-awake

and it worked but now the screen stays on. I will open a black back ground screen instead and set the dim=5 and see what happens. Still, I would like the back light LED to go off completely.

Any suggestions will be appreciated.

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