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Send text to tft display using AVR studio

Hi guys, I am currently doing a university project using a Nextion tft LCD. I am only allowed to use AVR studio IDE to program and I am struggling to send a value to a text component on the display. I was able to find this following data on the serial monitor using an online example done in Arduino IDE : t0.txt="50"ÿÿÿ. I assume the last 3 characters represent the end of the message (0xFF). I tried to simulate in AVR studio by writing code to send this same message through to change the value on the tft display, but no luck so far. The quotation marks keep disappearing by the value 50 when I check the serial monitor : t0.txt="50"ÿÿÿ  {in arduino code serial monitor} -------> t0.txt=50ÿÿÿ {in AVR studio code}. can any one help. Thanks

Oh and btw I am using Arduino uno with atmega 328 chip.

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Try to communicate with nextion using AVR studio. How did you implement it? Help me.

I found the problem, If any one needs help regarding nextion tft display and AVR studio please do not hesitate to ask.

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