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I just fried my brand new 7 inch tft lcd!!

I have JUST finished with my fancy new lcd project. Had it working like a charm. When. Tonight a silly person to whom i was demoing it placed it down upon a 12v lead. And it fried!!! I need consolation. Tell me i will survive this calamity....

God bless you. 

hii pual


i need your suggestion . i am Woking on project there i want to use the tft interface with arduino. so i think you did your project using tft . so which tft is best . and i am looking at nextion tft is it good.?

 thank in advance 

Well their after sales service sucks. All i got ro my query regarding this issue was buy a new one. So NO i will never recommend this tft to anyone serious about a tft.

Did you guys got any solution for this? I think I just burnt my 5'' display, I accidently applied 12v to it instead of 5v. Is there some kind of protection on it?


Hi Filipe,

No, as I said before, absolutely NO help whatsoever from the ITEAD team. 

I would have thought they would have put a dedicated power supply/overvoltage/ resettable fuse or something similar, but not. IMHO this is not just some simple chip, it is meant to be a fully fledged solution for us developers, but it would appear they are an amateur outift. 

In any case, I have gone with a more robust HMI. I paid more, but I also get MUCH better after sales service.

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