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Load an image from mcu

Hi, I 'm building a weather station with news and I' ve see that I can't load any image but they must be loaded with editor only, do you think it's possible to do? Send another image from arduino to Nextion? Really thanks

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This would be very handy to send an image over serial to the Nextion.

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That would be very useful.

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I am now reviewing all of the Feature Requests, this will take some time, patience please.

It takes some crafty mcu code to be able to

- read the image format

- for each pixel, determine and convert color into 565 color format

- issue line command to color new pixel

- real crafty to achieve better than 433 pixels processed per second

No means to store picture on Nextion unless it is in the HMI

- meaning this slow process above needs to be completed every image change

The HMI advantage is the speed to display an image included in the HMI file

- this image is local in SPI flash and therefore many fold faster than UART

Not very effective over UART, but documented