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switch monitor/ counter

I would like to create a switch monitor and event counter using an Arduino and a 3.2” nextion TFT screen. I would like to create a screen for each one of the input switches. Right now I have at least 8 switches in mind. I would like to have a user input a value for the switch to reach. These values will be anywhere from 50k to a couple of million.  

An example of how I would like to use it.

Hit a button on screen for the switch number.

This will bring it to new page where you can put in a value and see a status bar.

Return to a home page where the numerical value of each switch is shown

When the value entered for a given switch is reached an LED is light.

I have minimal knowledge of the nextion editor and Arduino but I am hoping that someone could help me with this challenge

Hi Eric,

I think you will no answer this question.

You can ask this question better on

This site has a forum in several languages

greeting Vic

I believe that I can code the Arduino properly. I am more or less needing help with the screen inputs and eventually the outputs to the Arduino.

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