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It would be a very good nextion listbox.

Nextion useful to use a lot of help.

(5.24 KB)

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 Egy alternatív megoldás...


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Very good solution, thank you!

Nagyon jó megoldás, köszönöm!

You may open a listbox on a solution?

Esetleg egy nyitott ListBox-ra megoldás?


 Simple thing, but you also work a little... ;)

(altlistbox.hmi: t1, t2, t3, t4, h0 initialization set Autoloading and
check out this solution (Dual-State Button As Radio Button) :

Sima ügy. Ha lesz időm lehet h eljátszom vele...

I made a "listbox" in your program. Only quite cumbersome.


I made it. Simple select list box:


Very good.

Not proceeding with?


Nagyon jó.

Nem rakod fel?

Ok, let it be.
If you have the ITEAD not provide adequate support, information. At least we help each other with ideas.
I hope everyone in the same way think..

va0: the value of the selected option
va1: the sum of h0 AND va0. This determines the selection of the correct position, depending on va0.




Maybe there is a solution of such a design?

(11.9 KB)

Please tell me how to scroll the "month"?

And another question: how by pressing the "set" pass a string with my choice? Grateful to all ..



Time is very good box.

Do you have the answers to my questions? ))

you reply. :)


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Ohhh) It's cool. True. Thank you. "End if" ... I have not thought of it)) Please tell me how to write the code for transmission to the Arduino in single string (User Code). 

Maybe my question is stupid) Well, excuse me, please :))

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