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Nextion Editor V0.31 mirrors 800*480 pictures

 Nx Editor V0.31 mirros horizontally pictures bout 800*480 in vertical mode, some times smaller pictures. Kinda annoying :(

Win 8.1/x64

AMD A8-5545M APU w/radeon HD graphics 1.7 Gz

4 gb RAM

I also have this problem - has anybody found a way around this?

Nextion Editor v0.31

Windows 10

Intel Core I5 2467M

Integrated Intel graphics

800x480 project setting.

i've rid off this issue changing momentarily the project's resolution to 1024*600, then back to 800*480. But it still being kinda annoying.


Thanks Leo! That worked.


Picture data handling for project orientation has since changed with recent versions

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