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Show text and numbers as 7-seg displays

 I'm currently working on a design in which it would be nice of some of the text and numbers could be shown as 7 segment displays.

(21.9 KB)

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Hi Bas, 

google op 7 digit font  :-)

google 7 digit font

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Hi Vic,

Thanks for your comment, I didn't even have thought about that! Just did and found some. But how do I use a downloaded font in Nextion editor?


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Hi Bas,

Installeer het lettertype op uw computer en vervolgens Nextion Editor -> Extra -> Font Generator kies het volledige type en grootte. Klaar

zie ook: wiki [dot] iteadstudio [dot] \ com / Nextion_Editor_Quick_Start_Guide # Tool

Hi Bas,

Install the font on your computer and then Nextion Editor -> Tools -> Font Generator choose the complete type and size. Ready

see als

Hi Vic, in het Nederlands nog ook!

Just tried it and it works perfectly! Many thanks for the quick support.


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kom uit 240X

Toch leuk om te zien dat er "dichtbij huis" toch ook mensen in de weer zijn met deze displays!
Kom zelf uit Nederland, 834X


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I am now reviewing all of the Feature Requests, this will take some time, patience please.

This post has been reviewed

Achievable by user.

Font with font editor, pictures ... not taken

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