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”Unable to find a version of the runtime to run this application”

I tried to install  Nextion Studio on a machine running Windows XP, and received an error saying ”Unable to find a version of the runtime to run this application”

I had no issues with Vista or Win 7, just on two machines running XP SP3

I eventually found a solution to the problem, this was posted elsewhere with the same error but for different software.

The first step is to go to add/remove programs and remove EVERYTHING related to the .NET framework, For good measure, i used CCleaner to tidy up the broken links in the registry. Once cleaned, download .NET 4 for Windows XP and install. At this stage, DONT try the install again, but go back to Microsoft and download the earlier .NET 2 and install that as well, reboot the PC and you will then find that the installation goes well and Nextion Studio now installs and runs fine.

It may well be that you dont need to do one or two of the steps outlined above, but to be on the safe side and avoid further frustration, follow the above.

I hope this helps some people.

Thanks for the information.

But i suggest you install .net 3.5 to avoid any unknown issues.

The design team design under .net 3.5.

Mine works perfectly after the above steps, what will be the benefits of adding .NET 3.5?


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