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Add data to graph quicker

when drawing lots of data to a graph it takes alot of time, could something be implemented such as, a signal to start sending data to the graph then data separated by comma, then an end signal i.e.

add cmpID, ch: val, val, val, val, val, val, val, val, val, val: end

add 1,0:10,100,20,200,30,34,55,25,66,90:end



Stack overflow easily... Suggestion is not taken.

But we will enhance the function on early 2016.

I am now reviewing all of the Feature Requests, this will take some time, patience please.

addt command was added to provide multiple value support.

Start of send data implemented with 0xFE to signal send data

Number of points to be sent provided by the user as a parameter.

10 points to send

   addt 1,0,10            // request to update 10 points

   0xFE                     // 0xFE received - Start sending data

   45464748454647484243  // 10 bytes sent (hex represented)

returns back to Nextion processes