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Refer an object with its ID (or get ID from "objname")

 Hello Gents,

I have an Nextion NX4832T035 and Iteaduino ADK (Arduino Mega 2560 compatible).

I would like to access an object on Nextion with its ID, or read ID of the object.

The problem is the next:

There are some object on Nextion. If I send data to these object I have to refer with its objname, but if some action happened on it, the Nextion send the ID.  How can I refer the ID to the objectname?

The ID automatically changed when the new component add/delete to Nextion, but the name is consist.

Example, there is "page0" with "t0" text.

I can read lots of parameters to send serial command.


"get page0.t0.txt"   -> string of this object

"get page0.t0.bco" -> bckcolor of this object

I can read the attribute that only readable:

"get page0.t0.vscope" -> visibility of this object

"get page0.t0.y" -> vertical position of this object

But,I can not access the "objectname"

I tried: "get page0.t0.objname" -> name of this object

This was an invalid command. Why?

My another idea is access the object with its ID. Example access the txt.t0 object on page 0 with its ID 2:

"page0.2.txt"   or how? Is this possible?



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There needs to be a way to retrieve an object name from an object ID.


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