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Graph sizing

When using a graph, the input data has to be in the range 0-255, however if the graph is more than 255 pixels tall you cannot use all of the graph height.


the Editor support large graph,such as 1024*2000px. but the screen just display the resolution of Nextion (which you select).

If I misunderstand you, please provide your HMI file.


Thanks for reply,
I have a graph 432 pixels tall in the picture but i can only add data with a value up to 255 which gives a graph as shown in attachement.


(152 KB)

OK. We will try....

The waveform in its current for is still limited to 0 to 255.

The maximum usable size is 255px. The HMI design needs to account for this limitation.

A waveform can still be 400px high only data will reach 255 height.

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