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Reorder objects in editor

It would be useful to be able to "send" an object behind another or to "bring" one that is slightly hidden behind an object to the front without having to delete and re-add the objects back in at which order you require.



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Indeed, simply adding a touch area (which suppose to be transparent on the screen) which in Editor, covers the underlying component. From now on that covered component cannot be edited. There is no "bring forward" or "bring backward" commands. Neither there is a separate list of the components available to be able to select a component for editing in active page. So once a component gets covered in editor by another component, there are no means to select it for editing.
Please let me know if I miss something.


I am now reviewing all of the Feature Requests, this will take some time, patience please.

Selecting a component hidden by another is a matter of finding hidden component in attribute panel

Bring Top - Arrow Up and Bring Bottom - Arrow Dn have been implemented

Bring Top will effect component id and set it as 0

Bring Bottom will effect component id and set it to the highest on the page

This will overall effect the order (done by component id) of how page refreshes

Several reorderings may be necessary to get to user tastes.