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Initialization skript in Autoload vs. Load Command

When providing an "Initialization" skript it won't be executed when set to "Load Command" even when calling "ref compID", but runs when set to "Autoload".


You can just use the command "ref compID" in current page. If your component in page 0,but it does not support "ref compID" in page 1. 

If I misunderstand you, please provide your HMI file.

I'd expect that the "line" commands in the initialization skript would be executed on button press, but they aren't.

(13.2 KB)
(73.9 KB)

"text" component will not be refreshed automatically when you modify its attributes expect “txt”. Such as "pco" "bco" "font"...

you can try the command "tCustom.pco=1023" then click the <bCustom> button.

I think you are missing my point (again)!

I'm perfectly (and was all along) aware of what you were trying to enlighten me about. This is the reason why I added a button to perform a manual refresh.

My point is - and always was - that the skript provided in the "Initialization" tab (see screenshot) is NOT executed at all, but should be.


Maybe trying to understand the question instead of just dishing out advise based on a preconveived view of my point.

(165 KB)

Neither ref tCustom nor any other component in this HMI intends to modify any attributes of the text component but only refreshes it, so I've no idea how you got the notion that I expected the component to refresh on modification of any other attribute.

Three months no further reply?

Hey Scruff.r

Though not my doing, I will apologize for no response until now.

In current versions there is now both a Preinitialization and PostInitialization Event

The sequence is to

- execute the PreInitialization Event

- then load the existing HMI page with HMI defaults

- then execute the PostInitialization Event

As this is now deemed historic it will be marked as solved.