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Wrong calculation

Since there is no modulo operation (which it should!) I've tried this




// or 


but both did not give me the correct result. It appears that the subtraction happens before the multiplication and the lack of parenthesis (which should be supported!) didn't help either.

So I had to introduce a dummy variable to first perform the multiplication and then do the subtraction in a seperate statement.


This skrip language needs severe improvement. 

I've written better math parsers in BASIC twentyfive years ago.

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Hey Scruff.r

There actually is a modulo operator % that lacks documentation.

The Nextion does not support complex statements and as such no order of operations.

Both statements fail as they rely on order of operations.

It is possible to write the same equation using simple expressions.

As the nextion doesn't support complex statements, a lack of order of operations is not a bug.

I will make sure that it is included in the feature requests.

Also as this is an old report and therefore historic,

it will be marked as solved and included in future feature requests.