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Nextion Editor flagged up as a virus in Norton Anti-virus


I was reluctant to install the Nextion Editor as my Norton Anti-Virus software was flagging it up as a virus.

I contacted itead support but didn't get the problem resolved. I then contacted Symatec ( Norton's producer ). They have looked at the file and have  agreed that it's not a virus. Norton's virus definitions have now been updated and so you shouldn't see the Nextion Editor as a virus now. Your Norton software should be updated automatically or you can update using the Live Update panel.


Paul C.

Same message with Trend A/V. ???

sorry late post, added my editor to the Trend A/V exception list, now installed and working.

Microsoft Edge in Win10 is complaining Nextion-setup-v38.exe is not a commonly used file, and then blocks it.  I had to go old school just to get download to complete.

LOL  ... I hope there is more than the 6 of us using the Nextion Displays.

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