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Font quality

The biggest setback with these displays is the quality of the fonts.

To be honest, the result often looks very amateurish.

The idea behind these are great, but again - fonts have to be the biggest priority now.

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Font quality is improving

Cropping issue is now much much better

I am now reviewing all of the Feature Requests, this will take some time, patience please.

Fonts will always be an ongoing issue

- there are a few font tools (not just mine) that make things easier

- Antialiasing and font smoothing, etc in a mono-bit format not possible/probable

Better fonts generation is already on the list - carried forward.

It is possible to use "text to image creator" to display dynamic text and dynamic numbers?
All the best!

If you search for "text to image creator" on the web, you will find several good text to image creators...

That's my Impression.

I can´t find a way to display any case of font correct.

At the time, when I need static texts I use croped screen prints from Windows.

I bind this one as a Picture.

It is a very time consuming workaround, but ist works,


I Hope NEXTION will update the "NEXTION Editor"

with a usefull Version of the font Creator Tool.

If a simple but clear font in 5 sizes is provided for download that will help the most users.


Merry X-Mas



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