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Add a drag-event for hotspot component

It would be nice to be able to get X/Y coordinates reported when you touch-hold a component and move your finger/stylus (e.g. for dragging objects, drawing, 2D sliders/joypads ...)

The display sports a "sendxy" command which could be used, but it would be nicer if this could be handled without an MCU and confined to the area of a component.

I could imagine some reporting modes for this:

 1. Report X/Y (relative to first touch - must allow negative readings)

   a. as quick as possible

   b. only every n milli seconds

   c. only every n pixels travelled

 2. Report X/Y (relative to given point in component (default 0/0) - must allow neg.)

   a., b., c., d. as above

1. could be managed via internal code on TouchPressEvent by setting anchorX/anchorY if the touch coordinates could easily be retrieved via internal code.

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Yes please... a way to get x/y coordinates (maybe a new instruction) would be great to implement touch gestures through internal code.

 It's a pain in the ass to send x/y through serial and then send it back to the Nextion to make internal code process the touch position.

I am now reviewing all of the Feature Requests, this will take some time, patience please.

I think perhaps making xc, yc system variables - users can code as desired.

concept - carried forward

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