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sta transparent for components

 I understand the concept of using the "crop image" to simulate transparency, but it isn't really that effective for some objects that may overlap. I recommend there be a "transparent" or "none" option in sta that allows the background to be transparent for objects like text, gauges, sliders, buttons, etc.

This will make the interface far more flexible.

Thank you!

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I am now reviewing all of the Feature Requests, this will take some time, patience please.

Stacking objects was never a good idea, and should be avoided where possible.

Transparency 1555 format is being advocated, its use if implemented wouldn't be limited

Transparency 1555 - carried forward

Curious where this stands as I would like to use a transparent background color for some objects


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Current Status - is it is being considered towards possible future features.

The issues would be

 - the dev team would need to be able to implement it without breaking existing firmware in such a manner that the user still has their minimum 3584 bytes of promised sram and without breaking the existing HMI.

 - to accomplish this in the remaining few bytes of available firmware space so that HMI is still functional.

 - It can not be part of the features until the dev team can actually accomplish such in working code.

As such it is considered until it can be accomplished, if it can be accomplished

We will make no promises other than we did our part to present it for consideration

   there are many competing features requested,  certainly "all" can not fit.

We can only say more if and when there is a break-though

We wish not to be in a Vapourware scenario, of promises without delivery.

Your name is not currently included within those who up-voted this idea

 - up-voting is indeed an important measure, so up-vote if you would like it.

in 2 years only 10 voters ... it seems there are not too much "professionals" out with such a need ...

Provide example of said gauge not possible on Nextion.

1555 does not equal 565 - Nextion is 565.

Use Graphix software for transparencies,

Nextion will require static pictures within component region.

would love this feature, really important for me :) special for text objects.


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I have a need of this also. Sometimes I am adding pictures in the postinitialize method and need to put a measurement value (I want only the number in front, no background!) in front of that picture, but it seems there is no way to realize it like that.

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