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Provide some way in Nextion Editor to use own C code

Rather than putting work into less than semi-useful/half-baked "if" constructs and such, add a set of C APIs and a way to provide STM32 compliant C code in your Editor/Compiler and allow people to contribute their ideas.

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I am now reviewing all of the Feature Requests, this will take some time, patience please.

The implementation is not a fully realized STM binary, rather there exists an interpreter within the firmware.

C API concept - carried forward.

Not taken.  Due to legal, the source is closed.

I'd dare to doubt that implementing C APIs would harm the closed source nature of the system.

APIs are interfaces between two worlds of which still can be closed source while the other might be open but can be closed too.

But if the answer is: "Because we don't want to!", that's fair enough, just say so.

Source is result of legal partnership between TJC and Itead.

Itead explored this avenue for its flexibility, TJC said no

- no further discussion is possible at the moment.

"Because we don't want to!" is probably a fair translation from TJC

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