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Comports in Nextion Update/Debug

Hello, when i want to use arduino (mega) as proxy for updating, there is - for example - bad ports detection because of this. 

Every time i run Upload button (on the main screen nextion editor) then select comports combo - there is COMx<random char>. When i tryed this 5-10 times, the random char sometimes is missing, so the port is usable. This is on all my arduinos (mega) and 2 of 10 arduinos nano. The port name contains random char (sometimes ascii, sometimes utf (some chinese char).

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There have been many enhancements made to the communications in the Nextion Editor since v0.31.  As I am unaware of any such issues in recent versions, this thread will be deemed as historic and marked as solved.

Thanks, it is the same as my description.

comes to me 

com poort **** bestaat niet --->>   com port **** does not exist

OS Windows 10 64Bit

Nextion Editor 0.31