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Shipping methods

 I notice that in the checkout for PCB orders, there is now an option for "National Express Line", which is cheaper than registered airmail.

The shipping explanations at do not describe the shipping option "National Express Line".

Does anybody know anything about this shipping method, and what the likely shipping times are with this method?

Or if anybody has used this method, what was your experience?

Thank you,



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I just ordered using National Express Line.

I waited 1 week and hoped that after 1 week, that I could put in my tracking number.

however, I cannot find any National Express Line website to use.

I would like to be able to put in the tracking number to see where it is.

even better, sign in here, then click the link.

Gee.. sorry to hear some like that... I have made orderer's,(hmmm.. 3times), Allways worked just fine. I'm in Finland, so the postal's depends on... I allways got a ticket from i-TEAD of the order beeing delievered from them, usually less than a busiines-week. I use the Economy/cheapest possible Air-Flight, and allways I got respons from the postal office of Hong Kong. Allways worked just FINE. Usually I have my PCB-s in hand ca. 10 bussines days. Really recommend i-TEAD. Me not i-TEAD "payed-off" comment's, just check there are them i-TEAD products in my app's


P.S. There maybe a glitch or two, like if you placed an order of Your PCB-. and there was an error in You'r Gerber-files- it may delay Your order, ( happened to me, my bad), that  "may" delay Your delivery a da or so. Actually, I guess the longest delay is here in Finland at the Customers Postal e.g. a delivery coming from "China. Hong Kong"  Hm.........



Don't know about You, but me, anyway... I usually try to "together" a couple of them PCB-s in the same order, because the shipping-cost's make a part of the total. butstilllll    if a relay in You'r constrction cost's 5 times the cost of the total price of the PCB+shipping?

air shipping does cost more, but arrives very fast.   I am nearly half way around the planet from the factory.

I do not mind waiting, and I really like iTead, I only get boards from them.

sooner or later, the freight carrier will have a way to project times and show location.


The old shipping would show it was in customs for however long.

and I always get shipments in less than 3 weeks.  which is what I expect.

I also chose National Express since HK post was not an option anymore.  Got my shipping notification and a tracking number, but can't find a website to track.  I'm guessing, Dave, that you are North America based.  How long did it take from shipment to reception?  With HK post is was approximately 2 weeks.  Is it similar with National Express Line?  Thanks.


Yes, north america (New Jersey)

I am always happy with Itead and the total time is often less than expected.  I think it was 2 weeks for my delivery.

Me too, have ordered from I-TEAD some, (guess # 5 orders). ALLWAYS getting fine info from them. ALLWAYS the product has left the man.. in less than a week. Me in FINLAND, (next to Russia and Sweden    :) ) getting the delievery to me the next week, that is... all the way through all them post.. here and there and them customers here and there,,, Really (saticefied... sat... what so ewer but) Highly recommend


Has anyone had any success obtaining a link for National Express Link tracking yet. I would even appreciate a rough idea of delivery times to th UK if anyone could provide one.
To answer my own question, I had a reply to my query from itead. The tracking number supplied is used to track via Royal Mail. They may not have all info on where the consignment is but have received the details and will update when the shipment arrives in the UK. Hopefully this may be of help to others.

I've been waiting to respond until I actually receive the package.  Iteadstudio did send me a second email with a USPS (US postal service) tracking number, but that tracking number has not worked.  I am expecting the boards sometime this week (assuming about 2 weeks shipping), and at that point, I will add all the dates to this email of how long it took.

This is how it goe's: I allso got a ticket from IT yesterday, telling me that my order has left them to the Hong Kong postal service. Hereby I got a tracking number like "RT112233445HK". But before the "HK-Postal" got it to their system it takes 1-2 day's. The tracking was validated to their system when the delivery was ready for shipment from them, usually about 1-2 days. After that I have to wait for the freight to pass through the "postal-custom's here in Finland". After that it is again trackable here in Finland's postal system. Usually I get my order's, from placing it ----to my door appr. 10 bussinesday's. I'm using the cheapes't freight by air.


OK, here are the final dates and times:
2/13/2016 - Ordered PCB (end of Chinese new year, so I knew the factory would be backed up after the new year).
3/1/2016 - Received first shipping notification that the PCB had started shipping (first tracking number, but it could not be used to get any tracking information)
3/7/2016 - New tracking number sent (now has USPS tracking number, again, I could never track the package using this number)

3/12/2016 - Received package in mail.  (US, state = MA.  Looking at the postmark, it looks like the package went through NJ for fulfillment services)

In summary, about 4 weeks from order to receipt.  The fabrication of the board took an extra week which I attribute to the Chinese New Year.  My guess is that the new National Express Line is the same delivery time as Hong Kong post used to be.  Without Chinese New Year, I would expect about 3 weeks, which was what it was previously with HK post.

I received email notice on 2/29/16 that my order had shipped via National Express Line, but I have been unable to get any tracking information, other than going to and getting status that my order was shipped FedEx SmartPost. Today is 3/16/16, so I expect it to show up any day. It would be nice to be able to determine at least if it's entered the US yet. I emailed iTead, so hopefully they can help. The tracking link in the order status page only directs me to AfterShip, which appears to be a site similar to packagetrackr, but without any results. I'm guessing this shipment method must be by boat. I get shipments from China through Ebay purchases, that usually only take a week at best.

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