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Memory overflow

 Hello, could someone guide to the memory overflow logic, I have a project with 19 pages, I'm having Memory overflow:3671 on page 7 while I just set a global variable on page 4 that the compiler says "OK! Occupy memory:2704". And I even didn't start calling the variable anywhere, If I remove this global variable the page 7 result compiler output is "OK! Occupy memory:3563", is there a relation? how could I bypass this problem. I also want to know if this is the upper limit for ever page (I'm using the 320x240 resolution)

Thanks for any hints.

Please upload the file .HMI

Now it looks like: my car does not work

mechanic -> no engine is in :-)


Thanks for your reply, sorry for not being precise, please find attached the engine of my car :), I mean a sample project, if you set any text variables to local in page0 for example the project will compile and the memory overflow on page7 will disappear.


(30.9 KB)

Hi universe

I have discovered the following on page 7:

if you removed one (1) of the button goes well

if you have the variable [t0] removed doing well

if you have five variable removed again doing well

do not ask me why.

so see you know more when I :-(

I hope this helped you've

greeting Vic

Thanks Vic, I knew that, but I need all the buttons on page7 Still, If I remove one or two buttons the problem will rise again when I declare more global variables somewhere in the project, that's why my initial question was a guide to the memory overflow logic and if there is (and there is a random?) an upper limit for every page, could this be a bug?


I hope Itead can give an answer to that

Thanks, I'm really stuck and clueless, any hints from Itead?


I think there is a limit on the amount of global memory that can be used.

yes visakh

There is a limit of the amount of memory that can be used in an HMI page.

This is displayed in Settings on newer Nextion Editors.

For the Basic series and the Enhanced < 3.5" is limited to 3584 Bytes per page

Only the Enhanced Series <= 3.5" has 8192 Bytes per page.

From this, any Globals used will reduce the amounts on another page.
The compile output now breaks this down with Global usage on a page leftside

Global Memory:259

Page:page0 Memory Occupied:259+11=270   259 is global + 11 local

Page:page1 Memory Occupied:259+19=278   259 is global + 19 local

Compile Successful! 0 Errors, 0 Warnings,File Size:76036

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