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nextion editor complete tutorial


Dear Experts

I need nextion editor complete tutorial. how to create a project. how to upload images and how to create button, bars each and every component. how to control all components.each and every option of software. how can i simulate my project and checked. i want complete knowledge of nextion editor. please send me complete manaul. on

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Dear Sir
this is not enough. i need more details. please send me more details manual. please.


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my thoughts too, the quick start guide really is as usefull as the sped up videos ( yes sarcasm ) that really dont show a user how to do anything.

so far i cannot find a USEFULL full in depth tutorial that will actually allow any progression at all, the provided and limited "tutorials" really dont offer any help and that already is leaving me to carry on finding other products instead for my projects before my nextion display has even arrived.

the provided documentation is very lacking in any real usefull info and the project i was looking to use this display for was not going to be a one off but hopefully one that would lead to me buying a number of these regularly and ultimately be a product i would make/sell for a good life span, but if i cant even find the required good info to carry on attempting to prototype with this display/editor then another vendor and product will end up getting my money and custom.

come on itead studio, you cant put out an interesting product like this and then fail to make sure their is more than enough documentation available to cover everything in depth, i mean those videos on youtube really dont come under the category of tutorials now do they, im already set to toss the thing in the garbage the moment it arrives in the mail if you cant get on the ball with probably one of the most important things to accompany the product !!!

i look forward to your generic "its in the works" response.

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as already stated a few times, for Itead it seems to be more important to care for "Marketing Issues"  than for real product issues.

The time they spend to cripple down their editor for NOT support TJC displays, they rather should have spend in a

- good documentation
- better font handling
- etc. etc. etc.

Itead, you shouldn't forget, customers pay a REAL money for your product. And it seems that you still didn't catch the obviouse, your biggest value is NOT your product, it is your reputation. And your

- lack of in-time respnse
- obviouse ignorance of feature requests
- obviouse ignorance of bug reports (by the way I hate to be unpayed beta-product-tester for you)
- etc. etc. etc.

only damage it. Be aware, competitors are not that ignorant than you ...

Best regards



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I am now reviewing all of the Feature Requests, this will take some time, patience please.

I have hopes to Implement better learning.  Users are going to be welcome to contribute

More Education - carried forward

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