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Nextion + RedPitaya - possible?


This is my first post on this forum but since I just got my 3.5" Nextion display , I believe it won't be the last one :)

I'd like to ask if somebody could let me know if (and if yes - how?) I can relatively easily use this display with Red Pitaya board? (It's a linux based board, I'd say more powerful than Arduino and RaspberryPi - for these who don't know Red Pitaya - see this link : ). I'm using this board to control my experiments so I'm devoted to this device. I know how to use this board to send and receive data by UART (I only tried sending message from TX to RX within the board but I guess the concept stays universal) so I assumed it will be able to communicate with Nextion as well.


From Nextion side I'm complete newbie - I just did first examples and I'm going through wiki to learn more, but since this till now was successful, very obvious next step would be to actually connect it with actual device. I found information about connection with Raspberry Pi and use of Segnix, but I don't know if it will work for RedPitaya - it's also linux based so this looks optimistic, but I noticed that there are some make files dedicated to specific board so not sure if use of RaspberryPi would work on Red Pitaya - or maybe how complicated it would be to work a new make file.

I admit that I did not give it a go yet and really like to hear yours opinion before going for 'try and error'.

any advice or comments will be appreciated!! 



As long as you can control the UART of  RedPitaya, you can use it with Nextion.

Regarding Segnix, I am afraid it can not work with RedPitaya... 

Segnix was designed for Allwinner A20 development boards, and then Raspberry PI.

Thank you very much fro quick reply! It will save me a sure failure of giving Segnix a try :)

I will try to solve this puzzle then - they both work with UART so it must be doable :). 

By the way I'd like to ask if you could let me know if there are somewhere (I couldn't find it till now) examples / tutorials where for example pressing a button send linux command via UART or component 'picture' displays a picture received via UART? It's not very intuitive to look for examples and tutorials on the ITEAD related webpages - it's spread all around the blog, wiki, support - would be nice to have one place with all the links (the user manual post do it well, but only partially)..

Thank you!

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