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How can I to send a variable to arduino ???


How can I send a variable from my nextion display to the arduino.

I have a variable that can be set in the nextion display and I want this variable to be sent to the arduino. How can this be accomplished ?

You can pass the value of a variable to a timer, no and then obtain the timer values.

I don't understand, I want to send a txt.value or a number value to the arduino, how can this be done ?

Can you post an example ?

send this command from Arduino to Nextion :

get txt.value

Nextion will respond with text value (more information are available in nextion instructions set :

So the trick is to request the value using the arduino and then wait for a response from the nextion.


I created a button with a release event in the nextion editor:
a.val=a.val+1         <<<<< defined as numeric variable
get a.val                 <<<<< this sends the numeric value
tmp.txt       <<<<< defined as string variable
get tmp.txt              <<<<< this sends the string


 The arduino code:


#include <Nextion.h>

NexButton b3 = NexButton(0, 6, "b3");
NexTouch *nex_listen_list[] = { &b3, NULL };

void b3PopCallback(void *ptr)
	uint32_t n;
	char txt[100];

	recvRetNumber(&n);					// get numeric variable a
	txt[recvRetString(txt, 100)] = 0;	// get string vtxt and set termination character

void setup(void)
	b3.attachPop(b3PopCallback, &b3);

void loop() {




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Alex, Love your simple example on writing values fron Nextion to Arduino, do you have one going from Adruino to Nextio, for floats, and text values
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