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Resource File Error

I have NX4024T032_011R, when I try to add a new tft file I get the error "Resource File Error"


Then I created an empty HMI file, compiled it, got the same error:

84 78 Resource File Error!


Nextion Editor version is V0.31

I am using a 8GB microSD, could it be the problem?

You can post the HMI file?

HMI file attached

(60.2 KB)

Hi Rik rik.tft the file on my 3.2 inch sherm a blank image.

rik.hmi like to upload your file.

Hello again,

I am still getting the same error: 84 78 Resource File Error!

I tried with different SD cards, different computers, different versions, nothing works. I works fine in Debug, but not in LCD.

What should I do?

(1.2 MB)
(1.14 MB)

Hi Rik

If I adjust the settings for my screen (3.2) (400x240), I can get it right on the screen.

By default, you probably use a 320x240 2.8 "?

Adjust the settings even at 400x240.

Put that on your screen example.tft


Hello Vic,

I am using 3.2", 400x240, corrected resolution but still not working.

Could you send me a working tft file so I can upload it?

Am I doing something wrong?

1. Settings > Resolution: 400x240 Horizontal

2. Save .hmi file

3. Check DEBUG

4. Open Build Folder

5. Copy .tft file to microSD card

6. Place microSD card on the screen and turn it on

This is what I get afterwards:

Hi Rik

here is my file

but what is really there on the back fro the screen! NX4023T032_011

or TJC4023T032_011

the first is outside the china market

and the second is for the China market

see also


Hello Vic, thank you for your answer. 

Yes, my LCD is TJC version, on the box it says: TJC4024T032_011R

think it's for China market, so that's why it's not accepting my code.

read previously sent link.

because they are busy with the TJC version

I hope you find them useful.

(I give them a NX version)



As you said, my LCD was Chinese version. I ordered NX version, it is working fine.

Thank you for your time Vic. 

Hi Rikaline,

thanks for your message, and fine that it works.

do the other way is not the urbanization there is a solution.

greetings Vic

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