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Can't connect with Display


I'm trying to connect my 2,4" Nextion to the Nextion Editor (V0.31) over an USB to UART Converter.

After clicking upload -> Go it seams that it recognizes a device, but I only get this message:

Invalid Device.TJC3224T024_011R

If I disconnect the display, I get no answer at all.

So that looks like it finds the display, but doesn't want to upload the project for some reasons.

Any ideas to solve this problem?


This is the Chinese version. Other editors need it. Where did you buy?

Bought it from Aliexpress.

Which "other editor" do I need?
Can I convert it in the "non Chinese" Version to use the standard editor?


ITEAD can answer your question.



For Nextion project, ITEAD co-design with TJC. 

They sell Chinese version in China mainland. 

ITEAD sell English version all over the world, except China mainland.


TCJ version can only work with their Chinese editor, 

ITEAD version can only work with Nextion Editor, and supports more functions than Chinese editor, i.e. iso-8859 is only supported in Nextion Editor.


Please buy from ITEAD certificated distributors.

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