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Gauge + label overlay blinks

the gauge with label overlay blinks even when you set in the loop to set it with the same value could be this got fixed please ? the timer overvrites the label which is placed alone too and this component does not blink. Is any way to get this fixed ?

Demo in the attachement


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I apologize that no one responded to the question until now.

There have been many enhancements with the Nextion HMI since then

It has never been deemed good practice to overlay components due to refreshing model

Page underlay refreshes (wiping out all components)

Component underneath refreshes (wiping out component above)

Component on top refreshes (wiping out partial component beneath it)

Best practises state to put as much static components into the page background image

And place components above this page background in a non overlapping method.

Do not create a full screen background using the Picture Component

but implement the background picture using the page component attributes.

This topic is now deemed as historic and will be marked as solved.