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Gauge Component only updates on debug screen

The gauge component isn't updating on my Nextion 5" screen when sent "z0.val=XXX" through the serial bus.

I setup my Arduino connected to the screen and a com to the debug screen. The commands are sent to update the gauge needle and text. The text updates on both the screen and debug but the gauge needle only changes on the debug screen in the editor.

Try to sent the command "ref z0" ?

I have sent the "ref z0 " and "ref 0" without success.

A little more info, I'mĀ using the gauge in crop image mode. None of the gauges start at 0 val. I have several other gauges on the display and none of them update.

I figured out how to get the arduino library working and using the gauge.setValue(XXX) the pointer is set to the desired position.

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