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Programing with Arduino as proxy


it will be good, that we could prgram Nextion with Arduino as a proxy. For example :

My arduino have some work, but when i push 3 buttons, the program will stop, and one think, what the arduino will do is :



  while (true)


   if (Serial3.available()) { Serial.print(; }

   if (Serial.available()) { Serial3.print(; }


Then, after update Nextion LCD, user will off/on arduino with new lcd firmware.

I tried that, but there is conenction failed after lot of Serial speed variations.

Is it possible this to develop in Nextion Editor ? (Using only one speed of lcd in firmware and etc ?

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We are trying to offer similar functions. You will be able to directly update Nexiton through your own MCU,

This soundlikes very good. An estimate of the time ?

Hello, i have an error in my proxy program (not cast to char), so this time, i can say, that this steps is needed :

1) Set bauds=115200

2) create arduino function

void UploadFW()


  while (true)


   if (Serial3.available()) { Serial.print(char(; }

   if (Serial.available()) { Serial3.print(char(; }



3) run this method when you need

4) Upload from nextion editor.

And sorry, but your answer, that this is planed is very bad, when it is allready possible.

Posted a python script to upload to the modules in

The arduino version is a wip...

I am now reviewing all of the Feature Requests, this will take some time, patience please.

Multiple ways to accomplish with a good programmer.  C, basic, python, pascal.

It's not a language debate - but users require skills.

Arduino Library certainly needs work - carried forward.