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connection fail (Nextion Editor)

Hi, I just received 2.8" Nextion display. I received the display without any note or picture! I had to  read for hours how to connect  display to Arduino. When I tried to upload sketch from file "Examples", my MEGA 2560 showed message avrdude:stk500v2_ReceiveMessage():timeout. After many hours reading and searching, I tried to connect the display to external 5V 1,5A and then Arduino uploaded the sketch. But, the display didn't react to uploaded sketch. Nextion Editor shows:" Connection fail". I had to upload the tft file to SD microcard and this was successful.

However, I'm still unable to connect display to Editor. No reaction to Arduino either. How to use this display to replace old LCD display? 

Maybe I'm not very advanced in this technology, but support for this product is very poor. All enthusiast around the world have to find the answers for this product!

everything you need is here:

you upload sketches to your arduino,
and you upload HMI-Files to your NEXTION by SD-Card
this is the normal way.


you can connect the Display to your PC with NEXTION-Editor with a standard USB to Serial Adapter,
for debugging purposes.


I explained - I don't have connection to Editor or Arduino. I can upload TFT file using SD card, but this is everything.However, the link you posted doesn't explain very much. If I use wire +5V(display), to connect to +5V ( Arduino), and the same with ground wire, why I have to connect TX(display) to RX(Arduino). No logic! There is no picture, explanation or something like this. I found how to connect display to Arduino reading the forum. The answer about external power came from ITEAD Studio - other way, I wouldn't know this too.

I don't understand your point.

You can connect Nextion to your personnal computer (using serial to USB adatper) or to a MCU (using UART interface).

In all case, you have to connect power supply (+5V and 0V) and serial communication :
Receive pin of Nextion (RX) should be connected to TX pin of your MCU (or TX pin of your UART to USB adapter)

Transmit pin of Nextion (TX) should be connected to RX pin of your MCU (or RX pin of your UART to USB adapter).

It's connected like this, but there is no communication between Arduino and LCD. If I use Nextion Editor to upload the code, I have to select specific port from Arduino (If I choose "auto select"- Editor freezes!), and then Arduino begins to flickering for a few sec. After that, the message pops up: " Connection fail". 

Regardless if connected to RX1 TX1 , RX2 TX2, RX3 TX3, or not connected at all,

the message  on serial is:

recvRetCommandFinished err

recvRetCommandFinished err

setup done

When I try to upload program to screen, this message shows.. How can I solve this?

just check everything RS232 related on your used system ...

    - used interface, TTL level
    - if USB, used USB2RS232 adapter
    - used drivers, fitting, actual ones
    - USB conflict
    - Port Configuration
    - cables
    - connection to Nextion
    - ...
    - ...


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