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Store data to EEPROM of display.

I dont know is it possible to store variable value in internal EEPROM to save it after switching off?

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It's planned, but wont be released in short time. 

It would be nice to even be able too store data tables (e.g. coordinates, custom fonts, ...) and reference them for Nextion commands (e.g. line x[1], y[1], x[2], y[2], color[0])

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I am now reviewing all of the Feature Requests, this will take some time, patience please.

- I am not certain about "after switching it off"

EEPROM saving has been implemented, though it has to follow the rules for save/read EEPROM

Hi I need to store simple data, names and numbers so that on the next time I power on the touch screen the data will be displayed on a t0.txt variable. Are therw any examples available from itead? Thank you so much Filipe

Filipe, please review the Nextion Instruction Set for the wepo and repo commands.

This is a simple command that examples are not needed.

If t0.txt-maxl is 40 characters, 41 bytes will be used.  Where? Where are you storing.

wepo t0.txt,0 ... stores t0 at 0 to 40 and repo t0.txt,0 reads it back

Numbers are 4 bytes, so

wepo n0.val,41 stores n0 at 41 to 44 and repo n0.val,41 reads it back

Next usable byte is 45.  It will be up to you to remember or record your design.

Hello Patrick

thank you so much for you reply. In my case I am writing it in a keyboard and when I press OK the t10.txt on other windows will update with what I wrote.

I just made a quick test and I wrote F4VPX and the result was the picture bellow


- Notes: the debug does not have simulation of the eeprom or extended IO

- wepo and repo need to be sent directly to the display or in HMI code

- t0.txt first has to have "F4VPX" in t0.txt ... t0.txt="F4VPX"

Is your display an extended model with RTC/IO/EEPROM ?

- if not, there is no Nextion eeprom for wepo and repo to work

Hi, I have using the enhanced versions, I have severall 3.5" 5" and 4.3". I got it working ok. Thanks for help

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